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Reserved for MSR Asia Innovation Day 2006

Too tired to put anything, but reserve an entry now … Through a brick here first 🙂 – Advertisements

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Presentation Power Training

April 25-26: I participated a two-day training "Presentation Power".  The most important thing I learned from the training is eye contact.  Eye contact is very important but many people do not pay enough attention on it.    Post my mini-presentation … Continue reading

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Present my work to Microsoft CTO

Presented my work to Microsoft CTO, Ray Ozzie, yesterday morning.   Ray Ozzie, CTO of Microsoft

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One pape was accepted by SLAM 2006 (a CVPR workshop)

Guo-Jun Qi, Yan Song, Xian-Sheng Hua, Li-Rong Dai, Hong-Jiang Zhang. Video Annotation by Active Learning and Cluster Tuning.  International. Workshop on Semantic Learning Applications in Multimedia (SLAM). In association with CVPR 2006.   The review comments are very positive  except … Continue reading

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One paper was accepted by ICIP 2006

Xun Yuan, Wei Lai, Tao Mei, Xian-Sheng Hua, Xiu-Qing Wu. Automatic Video Genre Categorization Using Hierarchical SVM.

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Enjoy a poem during a short break 🙂   道由白云尽,春与青溪长。 时有落花至,远随流水香。 闲门向山路,深柳读书堂。 幽映每白日,清辉照衣裳。   什么?读不懂?看看这里:

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ACM MM war (Firm Dealine: April 17 PDT)

It’s terrible if you cannot concentrate on the target in a war.

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