Presentation Power Training

April 25-26: I participated a two-day training "Presentation Power".  The most important thing I learned from the training is eye contact.  Eye contact is very important but many people do not pay enough attention on it. 
Post my mini-presentation (an excercise in the training) here 🙂
Tips for New Hires
Hello everyone.  I’m Hua Xian Sheng, a researcher and project lead with Internet Media Group.  Actually it is very easy to remember my name, right? For Chinese.  For non-Chinese, it is also not difficult.  The first character, my family name, HUA, means China, the country.  The second character, XIAN, means First, and the last one means Win.  So if I translate my Chinese name into English, it would be "China First Win".
OK. Today we’re going to talk about "win" which are important to you all, some simple but effective tips, rules to help you win at Microsoft Research Asia, especially for new comers.  If you follow these tips, it is difficult for you to NOT win here.
There are actually many tips we can discuss here, but today we will focus on three of them, the most important three of them. They can be represented by a simple word, an lovely animal, that is, CAT. Here C stands for Communication, A is Attitude, and T relates to Time Management. I will briefly introduce each of them first, and then let’s discuss them with much more details.
Let’s say the last one first, Time Management.  For this point, you need to know how to prioritize your task, how to build good plan for your work, how to balance work and life, reserve time for learning – you can always learn from work, from colleagues, but do reserve some dedicated time to learn new things …
For Attitude, you know, you will face issues and difficulties.  You always have choices to react, but try to always choose the positive ones, try alsways to the proactive ones …
For Communications, you need to know how to efficiently communicate with your boss, your colleagues, and your partners, and try to appropriately promote yourself and your projects …
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