Day 1 at redmond

I cannot remember how many times I visited Redmond.

Day 1: From Beijing to Seattle The security check for US flight is extremely strict. No liquid or colloid stuff is allowed. I almost have to put away all my bath stuffs – A colleague saved me at the last minute – he decided to consign his luggage, so I put all my stuffs in his.

The flight took off at round 2:00pm in Beijing airport. It was almost on time. Got a seat besides aisle – not bad, while the bad thing is that I don’t like the food on the airplane at all.

After around 11 hours, we arrived at San Francisco airport at around 8:30am, Pacific Time. The US security is too complex – we are required to recheck our baggage. At around 10:30, we boarded on UA322, and arrived at Seattle-Tacoma airport two hours later. One of my colleagues rent a mini van, and drove us to Silver Cloud Inn Redmond. I’m more hungry than tired, so we decided to get something to eat before get some rest.

The nearest Chinese restaurant is Sichuanese Cuisine. Like every time, I spent several minutes to figure out where the cuisine is, though it is very close to the hotel. We ordered two dishes – very delicious – at least compared with the rubbish food on the airplane. After that, went back to the hotel and check emails and prepare slides for meetings. Send SMS to my wife and tell her I’ve arrived smoothly. Though tired, I didn’t go to sleep as I was busy with my work and also a little afraid of that I cannot fall sleep at night. 

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