Day 2 – Redmond Trip 2007 Spring

Today is the time for demo setup.  Basically it is smooth for our demo.

Lunch: Rice noodles.  I borrowed a car from a colleague and drove two colleauges for lunch.

After lunch, we went to building 112 to practive the demo and prepare slides.   

A very strange thing is that a colleague said I drive through a crossroad when the traffic light was red 😦  (see the central point in below map – 150 ave and NE 40th st) but none of us on the car notice that.  I should be more careful …

Dinner: SP invite us to have rice noodles again *&^%$#@$%  I decided to have a steak instead – not bad choice 🙂

Sleep late as I have to prepare the slides for a summit – almost finished.

Sleep not good at the beginning this night, but fine after one or two hours.  Worse than the first night here. Hope tomorrow will be better.

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