Microsoft Academic Search (paper search)

 Try it. Still in beta.

 (I was asked to give a try by some people working on it :))


Good UI. Support author search/rank list, conference search/rank list, journal search/rank list, and some other cool features (try it J)

For example, top ranked authors in multimedia area:  (hope it was done automatically)

And it also support author profile page, for example: 

However, the big problem is it cannot differentiate different people with the same name either. But seems there is no a search engine can solve this problem currently.



Dataset is not complete enough. Missing papers, citations, and indexes (such as g-index and h-index) are much blow the correct ones.

For the nice feature mentioned above (author profile), the downside is that it also provides a photo of the author, however, the listed papers may come from different people with the same name. The person whose papers are listed but the photo is not his/her may get angry about it 🙂


I believe they are improving, very quickly.I heard they are updating data every week and updating features every two months.

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One Response to Microsoft Academic Search (paper search)

  1. xin says:

    thanks for the review, we\’re going to solve the name ambiguation problem step by step, please check out our next release around 3/8/2010.

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